Eating disorders can have a huge impact, not just on the individuals who are experiencing them, but also on their friends and family. Equally friends and family can have a really positive impact on someones recovery.

At SYEDA we offer support to friends and family members of people struggling with eating disorders. We know that it can be extremely distressing and stressful watching a loved one struggling in this way, and so we offer talking therapies and a support group for for friends and families. It is important that you also have the support you need. You don’t need to be living with the person you are concerned for to access support.

Although most people who experience an eating disorder need some professional support to get well, friends and family can also play an important role in supporting recovery. The "treading on eggshells" course is aimed at supporting you to be as effective as possible in supporting the person that you care about. We understand that this can be challenging and the course allows you to explore this within a supportive environment. 

Eating disorders are extremely complex and their causes are extremely complex. It is important to remember that you are not the cause of the eating disorder.