Fundraising Opportunities

We are always looking for interesting and effective ways to raise money for SYEDA so if you have an idea for a fundraising opportunity, please contact us on

Fundraising Ideas:

Please view our slideshow for some fundraising ideas to help kick start your fundraising campaign!


A big thanks goes to Craig who ran the Great North Run on behalf of us in 2016. As a result, he managed to raise £400 for the organisation!

Craig in his gear for The Great North Run


Lynn's Story

"We lost a very special young lady and family member to anorexia and when it came to my attention that SYEDA were looking for new ways to raise much needed funds I felt I would like to help.

The thought of organising an event felt a bit daunting but when I asked friends, family and work colleagues what they thought to a disco to raise money there was so much encouragement and offers of help that it all became quite exiting. The disco quickly turned into a ceilidh as we felt it was more fun and inclusive and a pie and pea supper seemed the best food option as it took place last autumn.

I organised a ceilidh to raise money for SYEDA. It was great fun and we raised £780.
— Lynn

We booked a hall that was big enough for the event and that would also do the catering, the hall was given free of charge. Once I had the cost of the hall, catering and the band which a friend had recommended I could price the tickets which was probably my biggest mistake as we only made £3 on each ticket, however I thought as long as people have a good time a small amount of money can be raised and also the awareness of the great work of SYEDA will be raised too.

I decided on a raffle to make a bit more money and a game where you have to roll a £1 coin at a whisky bottle, the nearest to the bottle wins and all the other coins go to SYEDA. Friends,family, local shopkeepers and businesses donated all the prizes which was amazing, not one negative response to my asking. Even more amazing was that on the night we made ......... And only £240 was made on ticket sales. 

Everyone had a great night and there's been lots of calls to make it an annual event. What I enjoyed the most was seeing how lovely people are, people want to help good causes they just sometimes need a way of doing it. I had a few worries along the way such as "would the band turn up"so I made lots of calls checking up on everyone but honestly no one minded and at the end of the day everything came together perfectly, I made lots of new friends, made some money for SYEDA and I loved it".