‘Anyone in South Yorkshire affected by or at risk of an eating disorder can find the support they need for prevention or recovery’.


To ensure that:

·         Eating disorders are quickly recognised and understood by those affected or at risk

·         Information, guidance, support and therapeutic services are easily accessible to sufferers and carers

·         Professional services respond quickly, effectively, and seamlessly to provide the help needed.


·         To provide open and accessible information and help for those with an eating disorder

·         Prevent EDs from arising by increasing awareness & improving self image

·         Support early diagnosis, prompt assessment and early intervention

·         Develop clear support pathways and joined-up working between services

·         Support carers and help them to provide good care

·         Ensure the availability of long-term, post-discharge and relapse prevention support

·         Ensure that services are planned strategically and resourced sufficiently to meet need

·         Involve service users in the design and delivery of services.