I can’t believe the difference that SYEDA made to my daughter’s life, I am so grateful to the service and how it has helped her

All our services are independent and confidential.  We are here to provide information, advice and support to people affected by their relationship with food which can be accessed by contacting us via phone or email or at one of our monthly open access support group events.

Treatment with us is open to people who are experiencing mild to moderate difficulties and can be accessed by completing a self-referral form, see our referral criteria for more information and to see if we are the right service for you.

Unless you give us permission we won’t tell anyone that you have been in contact with us, if you begin to access treatment we generally let your GP know about this but will discuss this with you and seek you consent beforehand. If you think this may be a barrier for you please speak to us about your concerns and we can discuss this with you. (see a summary of our privacy policy).

We appreciate how hard it can be to make that first step, and welcome anyone to get in touch at any stage. You will be met with understanding.