Occupational therapy at SYEDA provides individuals with an eating disorder emotional and practical support.  Occupation refers to any activity of daily living including self-care, leisure and work or education.

(Occupational Therapy) has reduced my stress around food in a way I thought was impossible. I feel happier in my skin and my life and Iā€™m hopeful about the future.

Our occupational therapist is Fiona.

She will work with you to set practical goals and to help you engage in meaningful activities. 

Occupational therapy can help in the following areas:

  •  Meal planning and preparation
  • Self-care
  • Independent living skills
  • Leisure activities
  • Social interaction
  • Stress and anxiety management
  • Education and employment

The OT will talk with you to work out which areas you want to work on together. These could include: addressing anxiety when food shopping or eating in public, attending social groups to improve confidence and develop relationships or restoring wellbeing through engagement in leisure activities. The OT will work collaboratively with you at all times to set manageable and realistic goals.  This will also help you and the OT to look at the time needed to reach your goals and therefore length of therapy will also be a collaborative decision between you and your OT.  

I have grown in confidence... I binge less and in less amounts.

Sessions can take place at SYEDA or in the community depending on the nature of the goals and you will be encouraged to reflect on sessions and evaluate your own progress.

The Occupational Therapist can also work through Guided Self Help.

Occupational therapy can be accessed after you have had an assessment, if you think OT may be helpful you will first need to refer yourself for an assessment appointment. Please read our referral criteria to help you decide if a referral for an assessment is something which might be helpful. you can also telephone/email  us if you need more information.

 At the moment we only offer Occupational Therapy in Sheffield.