Recovery is possible

As a child you chased a fairytale,
Now, just the number on the scale. 

Numbers, graphs and charts,
Measurements of body parts.

Calories and grams of fat,
How you look, when stood or sat.

Thoughts, going round your head, 
During the day and when in bed.

Family and friends trying their best,
Hard for them too, they need to rest.

You really don't mean to be in a mood,
Just can't focus on anything but food.

So you sit in your room, you sit and despair,
Why's this happening to me? It doesn't seem fair.

Too weak to go on, to fight any more,
You just want to close the door.

Everything you hear is a lie,
Follow those orders & you will eventually die.

Let it go and be free my dear,
It'll be okay, there's nothing to fear.

Every day is a new start,
A new item in your shopping cart.

Celebrate the victories, big & small,
Please, acknowledge them all.

A new beginning, a reason to live,
You have so much in life to give.

Food is not 'good', nor is it 'bad',
It shouldn't make you this sad.

Recovery is possible, for you and for me,
Just keep on fighting and you will see

By Dani Follett, 
Aged 26 and 3/4