The Eatwell Guide

The eatwell guide is a visual aid to assist the public in achieving a well-balanced and healthy diet. It shows the different types of food groups and the proportions in which we should be consuming these over the period of a day.

It can be applied to the majority of the population regardless of their weight, dietary restrictions or preferences. 

Eating a variety of different foods from each of the food groups will ensure we are supplying our bodies with a wide range of nutrients, which are needed for our bodies to function efficiently.

Remember that no single food (or food group) is healthy/unhealthy – instead, it is the combination of foods that we eat from day to day that can determine our health.

If we are excluding certain food groups or our daily diet is made up of only one or two of the food groups, then we won’t be meeting our energy or nutrient needs and this can lead to physical and psychological health problems.