The Eatwell Plate

The eatwell plate shows us the balance of the different food groups we should eat from day-to-day (it does not represent a single meal) to ensure we are eating a healthy diet and thereby keeping ourselves healthy.

Eating a range of different foods from the different food groups will ensure we are supplying our bodies with adequate vitamins and minerals, which are needed for a range of essential functions (from heart health to bone health to good hair condition).

Remember that no single food (or food group) is healthy/unhealthy – instead, it is the combination of foods that we eat from day to day that is healthy/unhealthy. It is also absolutely essential that our eatwell plate is the correct size for us too – i.e. we are supplying our bodies with the right amount of fuel/energy to keep healthy.

If we are excluding certain food groups or our daily diet is made up of only one or two of the food groups, then we won’t be meeting our energy or nutrient needs.