Rebecca Parker

I’m Becky, Education and Outreach worker. I’ve been with SYEDA since 2016. My work takes me into schools, colleges, youth clubs, GP surgeries and many other places. Our aim is to raise awareness about eating disorders in a way that is sensitive and informative, not only so that participants are more aware of what eating disorders are, but also what they can do to help someone they are supporting. We also work in general from a position that seeks to challenge  the stigma that often comes with mental illnesses and support a move to a more open, accepting and compassionate response in society for those who have any form of mental ill-health, not just eating disorders. As part of the work we do with young people, we promote self-care and encourage them to develop ways to build their resilience in the face of many pressures and challenges, but importantly, to see asking for help as a positive part of remaining healthy or regaining health.