Chrissie Taylor

In 1999 Chrissie became a member of the small management committee that was running the then Sheffield Eating Disorders Association.  At that time the group ran a self help group for carers and one for those suffering from an eating disorder. She took over as Chair and steered the organisation to achieve their vision of having a centre that would offer support to families.

The first resource centre opened in 2007 which Chrissie then managed until staff and services were established.  Having trained in eating disorders Chrissie took a keen interest in the effect the illness has on families and after observation of best practice with Professor Janet Treasure and her team in London she developed SYEDAs first Treading on Eggshells course.  

Chrissie went on to become a regional trainer for Beat, the national eating disorders charity.  She retired in 2010 and is a currently a member of SYEDA’s board of trustees.