Our education programme endeavors to equip young people with a toolkit that they can use to develop into adulthood including the ability to challenge negative thinking, improve self-esteem & body image and build resilience. Please note we are currently able to take bookings for Barnsley only.

Workshops for Young People

These workshops are for ages 10-25 years (including 6th form and University students) and are pitched accordingly. We deliver specialist workshops through PSHE lessons, one hour in length but can be adjusted in accordance to the setting. We make sure to work with the school or organisation to ensure that the workshop is as relevant, inclusive and engaging as possible and are happy to consider bespoke workshops for specific needs or for a group of vulnerable young people.

Body Image

This session focuses on one of the biggest predictive factors to the development of an eating disorder, poor body image and low self-esteem. It looks at what can influence the way we feel about ourselves and where the idea of an "ideal body" comes from. We then explore the ways in which we are in control of our body image and discuss tips for improving our self-esteem.Our most popular workshop uses a range of activities, discussion points, and practical approaches on how to improve one’s self-esteem, be more body confident and how to support our friends and peers.

I enjoyed learning the positive messages. I’ve learnt to embrace my body and be more confident.
— Y10 pupil, Doncaster

Food and Feelings

We all have a relationship with food, but for some of us this relationship can become disordered and begin to dominate our lives. This session teaches young people about the range of ways we use food in daily life and can develop eating related behaviours; some healthy, others not. Discussion and group activities ensure the session is interactive and engaging. Different versions of this session have been designed for young people aged 11-25 to teach them about eating disorders, resilience and self-care in a responsible and supportive way.

For booking enquiries or for more information please contact Christie Rossiter for more information christier@syeda.org.uk                     


The most valuable thing I learned was ways to improve my self-esteem

Youth group member, Sheffield