Our education and training programme aims to raise awareness and understanding of eating disorders amongst young people and professionals.
Our activities are focused on the prevention of eating disorders and early intervention. We offer universal prevention workshops such as Understanding Eating Disorders and more targeted sessions for vulnerable groups on Body Image and Self-Esteem.
We deliver interactive workshops to schools, colleges and youth groups, as well as providing in house training for professionals. Through this work we aim to build emotional resilience in young people, and by working with professionals, we aim to build capacity in the health, social and education sectors as well as in communities.

Our education programme includes sessions for pupils, school staff and parents/guardians. Our interactive workshops are delivered by experienced staff and volunteers. 

Pupil Workshops

These workshops are for ages 11-16 years. They are one hour long and are suitable for PSHE lessons. 

Body Talk

This session develops discussion around body image and positive self-esteem and offers practical approaches on how to improve one’s self-esteem.

Introduction to Eating Disorders

This session provides students with an overview of Eating Disorders by defining the different types of eating disorders, and exploring possible triggers and routes to recovery. Discussion and group activities ensure the session is interactive and engaging.

Healthy Lifestyles

In this workshop we explore what it means to be healthy and discuss how we can make small changes to improve our health. Key messages include health and happiness and the relationship between mental and physical health.

The Media and Body Image

In this session we explore the impact of media on young minds and discuss strategies to remain unaffected. This includes activities around positive body image and working to appreciate our body for more than our appearances.

Handling our thoughts and feelings

This workshop discusses negative thought processes and thinking styles and equips young people with more effective thinking strategies to develop positive self esteem.

At schools request, we can tailor make sessions for whole school health days or assemblies.                                                                                                        

The most valuable thing I learned was ways to improve my self-esteem
— Participant, Fruit Bowl Youth Group

Staff Sessions

This training is for teaching and support staff.

Understanding Eating Disorders

This session delves into the different types of eating disorders, triggers and routes to recovery. It will guide the staff on how to spot the signs and provide information on the available support services.

Supporting Recovery

This session can be tailored to suit the needs of the school or college. SYEDA can provide training, information on useful resources and literature, as well as advice on supporting a student  recovering from an eating disorder.

Parents/Guardians Information Sessions

SYEDA can support schools to host information sessions suitable for parents and guardians. Such sessions can be arranged for outside teaching hours.

My Teenager's Health

This informal meeting can cover a number of emotional health issues which teenagers might be exposed to, this will include recognising Eating Disorders.

Parent sessions can be tailored to the needs of the school, parents or young people.

If you would like to develop something more appropriate for the needs of your school, college or community group, please get in touch and we can explore this with you.

Our training sessions for professionals are suitable for staff or volunteers who might come into contact with people who are experiencing eating disorders. Our interactive workshops are delivered by experienced staff and volunteers. 

Understanding Eating Disorders sessions will provide staff with a basic understanding of eating disorders and some tips and advice about ways to support people who are experiencing an eating disorder, as well as information about sign posting to other support.

We can also tailor sessions to meet the needs of your organisation and we can come out and talk at staff meetings etc.

For more information please contact our Education and Training Manager Christie Rossiter christier@syeda.org.uk for all training queries for Sheffield, Barnsley, Rotherham, Doncaster and North Lincolnshire