Priya Varma

My role involves the development and delivery of our education and training programmes/workshops on Eating disorders and related topics such as Body Image, Self Esteem, Healthy Eating and more. 

I actively seek partnerships with schools, colleges and other youth organizations in Barnsley and Rotherham to deliver these education programmes to increase awareness of eating disorders among young people, teachers, parents and other professionals who work with young people.

I am a qualified Clinical Psychologist, trained in India and a registered member of the British Psychological Society. Prior to working in SYEDA, I was a Lecturer/Consultant Clinical Psychologist which gave me extensive experience in training, teaching, conducting workshops, awareness programmes and group sessions. In addition to my clinical expertise, I have experience with diverse clinical populations but I am especially passionate about the prevention and treatment of eating disorders. 

My interest and motivation to help people with eating disorders has grown manifold in the past few years and I have become increasingly convinced that the best way to alleviate the problem in the community is through better understanding, awareness and early intervention. My role affords me the advantage of playing a key role in the prevention and early intervention of eating disorders and it gives me the opportunity to interact directly with young people in schools and colleges to bring about change. 

If you would like us to deliver our education/training programmes for your organization, please contact me on

Please note – My usual working days are Monday and Friday